Music Marketing Services For Artists & Labels


Swish Music Publicity is a music promotion & marketing agency with offices in London & Los Angeles that focuses on music, entertainment, film, online print and TV publicity campaign services for musicians worldwide across all genres.

 Our aim is to promote your music & brand world wide by optimizing your brand online with marketing  on Radio, Music Blogs, Music Magazines & Spotify Playlists . We drive in attention while building momentum to your social media channels, spotify profile to help you generate sales & revenue for your artist brand.

We have represented some of the biggest names in the music industry including Chris Brown, Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign, Usher plus many more.

Our goal is to build your music career  to gain more brand power with our services like radio promotion, major video placement, retail single placement, VEVO management, major blog placement and more. 

We give you the strategy and music promotion services needed to take your career to the next level. 




Swish Music Publicity offers artists competitive music publicity campaigns across all genres internationally. We have a brilliant track record when it comes to creative marketing and music publicity campaigns. Our artists have been featured on major blogs such as Complex, Billboard, Notion Magazine & more



We are connected with influential Radio Programmers, DJs and Radio Hosts across the world thus making it easy for us to have your music placed on the right  FM radio stations in Major territories such as United States, United Kingdom & Canada . We have been in the music industry for the last ten years helping many artists reach celebrity status in the music industry today.


Our direct relationship with Spotify Curators and Influential Media Personalities help push your single to a wider audience. Spotify curators ensure your music gets on spotify playlists with millions of followers hence helping you get millions of streams on Spotify.