Swish Music Publicity is a music promotions & marketing agency based in Los Angeles & Toronto that focuses on entertainment, film, music, online, print and tv publicity campaigns services for musicians worldwide across all genres. 

Founded and directed by Jason Cornell, the company has provided consistent results for their talented roster for over 5 years successfully. We provide full-service online, radio, spotify playlists, print, and TV publicity campaigns for major labels, celebrities, festivals & independent artists worldwide 

With more than 1000 successful music marketing campaigns ranging from Instagram to twitter, billboards and OOH, Press and media, Spotify marketing, Tik Tok influencers and the ultimate playlist and streaming manoeuvres, with Swish Music Publicity Agency as your promotional partner, your brand will reach heights never imagined before. 

Each campaign is carefully crafted and customised to fit the clients objectives, all while pushing the artist to reach a new plateau in their climb to the top.